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  DANA CO.,LTD is a Japanese import and export trading company , in Fukuoka Japan. 
 We will provide you with Japanese diapers, Japanese groceries, Japanese cosmetics, food, clothes, etc., export to China ,Taiwan,Vietnam,Singapore,Australiaand other countries。
  We regularly export containers to overseas (20 ruler cabinets, 40 feet cabinets) Japanese brand Meiji, Morong and other milk powder, Japanese brands of baby diapers. Please consult us if you need them.

 Recently, demand for Japanese goods in Vietnam and Thailand is gradually increasing. Our company will provide customers with some tax reduction and tax jin information.

 We have recently shipped more products。Such as Kao baby diapers,Shiseido Annessa Sunscreen,Biore Sunscreen,pitta mask and many more。

If you are interested in Japanese products, please contact us​。


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